An owl, a pig , a bear, a puppy and a rabbit ...

"Waiting" by Kevin Henkes

I just love beautiful pictures' books for bedtime. Last Friday, I wen to the NY Public Library and picked up this gorgeous book: "Waiting" by Kevin Henkes.

We discovered Mr. Henkes's great talent with  " Kitten's first full Moon"  (2005 Caldecott medal) then " Little White Rabbit" and "Old Bear" and more recently "Penny and her Marble". All great read with charming pictures.

   ***  little white rabbit  ***  penny and her marble

 As my boys were asking for more great books ("Maman, 1 more story tonight, pleeeeeease...!"), I took "Waiting" home this week-end...and we all love it! This book inspires me to develop a matching prints for my pajamas!!!

Five animal friends sit patiently on a window-sill, waiting and watching the world outside.

The owl waits for the moon; the pig waits for the rain; the bear waits for wind; the puppy waits for snow; the rabbit waits for . . . nothing in particular.

Occasionally, gifts will appear on the windowsill, and a new friend might arrive, but together they all wait.

One day a cat with patches joins them, and the windowsill friends receive a big surprise! 

Kevin Henkes waiting


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