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"How the Stars came to be" by Poonam Mistry

Have you ever wondered how the stars came to be?

One of the most gorgeous picture books I have seen in recent years! The illustrations are magically beautiful, and the story is amazing too.

Book dedication :

"For my twin sister Priya ans all the other junior doctors and NHS workers"



The fisherman’s daughter loved to dance in the sunlight, and bathe in the glow of the moon, but when the moon would disappear for a few nights each month, she would worry about her father and how he would find his way home from sea in the deep darkness.

When the sun finds her sobbing one night, he takes one of his rays and smashes it onto the ground, creating the stars and giving the girl the task of putting them into the dark night sky.

"Gather together all the shining pieces I've given you. Then tonight when I drop beneath the horizon and the lights dims, place each of them in the sky. They will glisten and shine, providing you with my light on the deepest and darkest nights. we ill call them stars"



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I discovered this enchanted book at my local New York Public Library. Alternatively you can find this amazing book at :




Cathedral Bookstore

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