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Care Instructions

How do I take care of my Petidoux pajamas?

Our garments go through many Quality-Control steps to ensure that the pajamas you buy are perfectly wash-and wear.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Wash your garments with like colors,
  • Use a mild detergent and softener,
  • Wash at gentle/medium cycle.
  • You can either machine dry or even better hang-dry them.


Can I iron my pajamas?

Yes you can, but who has the time…?


How do I care for my alpaca set?

Alpaca wool, and especially the baby alpaca we have selected, is one of the finest and softest natural material, which deserves to be delicately cared for.

For spot stains, I usually take a dry cloth with a little water to clean it up gently.

As for tough stains, I recommend dry-cleaning. Always mention to your dry-cleaner that those items are for children, and to be mindful when using chemicals.