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French Summer in the City

Finally, after months ( years?) of pushing for my children to fully embrace their bilingual heritage, I am happy to report: VICTOIRE... the boys are speaking French to us.

How did this miracle finally happened? 4 weeks of intensive French summer camp at the French Alliance in Manhattan. 

I have now the pleasure of reading some great contemporary French comic books to my boys at night: they both still want to be astronaut but the aventures of SamSam, with this red space-suit, delight them every time:



SAmSam: Book 11: Mon Papa,  c'est le plus fort

From an original idea of Serge Bloch ( who was inspired by his own little one), SamSam's world is very similar to ours: SamSam lives his parents (SamMaman and SamPapa),  goes to school, play with his friends, has a great little teddy bear (SamNounours), and he is in love with his teacher, Marie-Agnes. The only difference is that SamSam is a French cosmic super-hero.


In this book, SamSam believes that his father needs a rest. He decides to take over and protect the galaxy while his father rest a little. Samsam does a great job but by the end SamSam still needs a little bit of help for his superhero father. 


Happy reading...et bonne vacances!

You can find this great comic book: 

on Amazon.com


 SamSam is also a great cartoons. You can have a sneak preview:







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