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Natural Baby Goods Press

Bedtime bonding with my kids has become one of the most precious moments I treasure. We look forward to it every single day, especially on ordinary days where we make bedtime become the day’s highlight. Before we start with our much awaited bedtime stories, I make sure my kids do their bathroom duties first, and then I help them get changed in their pajamas. I personally enjoy the pajama part of our night, because my kids just look so adorable in matching PJs! Lately, I still can’t get over my kids’ cuteness overload whenever they’re in their snugly Petidoux 100% Pima Cotton Pajamas. We have the Gingerbread Man design for my boy, and the Penguins Blue print for my daughter. My kids are loving these PJ sets too because they feel very much comfortable in them, and the cutesy designs that play with their imagination, make them even cuter.