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We tried it: Petidoux Pima cotton pajamas

Who tried it: Amy Jamieson, writer/editor PEOPLE.com

Why she did it: As a mother of two girls who are very picky about their nighttime attire, this tired mom is happy to try any and all options available.

Pros: The other night, I put my 2-year-old daughter to bed wearing ballet-themed footie pajamas. They’re about a half-size too small, but she refuses to let them go in the “giveaway pile” for sentimental reasons (one battle I’m too tired to fight). So, hours later, when I went in to check on her at midnight, she was wearing nothing but a diaper and was wrapped in a cocoon-like fashion in a lightweight fleece blanket that usually lays askew on her bed.

Petidoux Pima Cotton Pajamas


As cute as our little cherubs can be in their footies, bulky pajamas are not always practical. With the heat in our house on high throughout the winter months, it’s so important for me to have a lightweight pajama in my nighttime arsenal that keeps the kids warm but not so toasty that they’ll strip down in the middle of the night because they’re hot. Petidoux offers classic yet modern play-sets and bib-gowns made from what they call the best Peruvian pima cotton available — and if you’ve never felt Peruvian pima cotton before, let’s just say it feels like your kid is wearing a marshmallow. It’s seriously the softest, most gentle and durable cotton you can buy.

With their new Winter-Wonderland collection — featuring tastefully festive candy canes, pink and silver snowflakes and gingerbread men — your kids can dress for the holidays without feeling like a roasting chestnut by an open fire. I found the adorable patterned fabric to be warm but super breathable while they sleep.

Have you ever met a little one who liked a tag on their clothing? I have not. Petidoux pajamas don’t have them and to me that says they’ve really studied the idiosyncrasies of children’s sleepwear. They are also hypoallergenic and great for kids with allergies or sensitive skin like mine have.

Cons: Okay, okay, I know you can go to Marshalls and get a cute pair of winter pajamas for $9.99 that will garner at least 25 Instagram likes for your obligatory Christmas morning photo. BUT, I also know that chances are high in my house that the toddler wearing them will wake up naked and upset about the temperature of her toes — probably just as “Santa” is putting the gifts under the tree, therefore ruining Christmas 2015. So not worth it!

With the average pair of Petidoux pjs costing around $45 a pop, they’re definitely a luxury purchase, but to keep those creatures from stirring at night, I feel they are a necessary splurge.

The verdict: Petidoux pajamas are a stylish and ultra soft alternative to bulky, sometimes tacky or itchy holiday pajamas. Made with long-lasting Pima cotton, they’re a smart investment for families who happily hand-things-down.

Cost: With free shipping on all standard orders over $100, you can buy two pairs and your little nugget will be all set up for the winter months.