Wear the Rainbow 🌈 #RainbowChallenge

Time for HAPPY pajamas

We are sending happy vibes with the vibrant colors of the rainbow. 



This week is all about community care and spreading some joy through color and love.

We want to take a moment to applaud our hard working parents trying to wear oh so many hats right now, incredibly brave and selfless healthcare professionals on the front line, employees at local markets working daily to keep our homes stocked, and maybe most importantly…our littlest heroes who have adapted so well to this strange new normal.

We’re reminded more than ever “you can’t have a rainbow without the rain” So let’s do our best to lift each other up through songcolorclapping, dancing, and gratitude.

Remember we’re all in the this together and together we have never been stronger!

Eat the rainbow, draw a rainbow, dress like a rainbow and be brave like a (sports) champion ...

See below for some neat activities, book recommendation, online resources and ideas to accept the #rainbowchalenge

#STAYHOME  #staysafe


#clapbecausewecare: each night no matter how big or small…step outside and clap to express your thankfulness and support for your community

Draw a Rainbow
#chalkyourwalk: Leave color and love through chalk or window art for your neighbors to help them
smile https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/chalkyourwalk
#rainbowchallenge: a fun indoor activity to try at home color a rainbow and place it in your window to show support and love ( see  template of rainbow to color)
Click here to download this cute little pdf

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