"Gilbert the Ghost" by G. Van Genechten

Gilbert is an adorable little ghost who is not your average hair-raising ghost:  he's pink, not scary, doesn't like to haunt and always uses his manners.  His parents realize and confirm that he truly is special. 

When he goes to Ghost school, he quickly makes a lot of new friends.

Petidoux book of the Month: [September} : Gilbert the Ghost at Ghost school

Gilbert always cheerfully takes part in everything. But when the Principal wants him to call “Boooooooh” just like a real ghost, all Gilbert can do is whisper a soft “Bahoo”. 


In the Abandoned Tower Gilbert meets Meow, a ink-black cat with a stylish bow on its tail, who has special qualities too.  Together they form a friendship and affirm each other's uniqueness. That special bond creates a fun, positive world for both of them.


Adorable picture book about a different and special ghost, about fitting in finding a great friend and staying true to yourself.


Perfect for Halloween storytime or any other time!

“A little ghost unapologetically makes the most of being different...Different never looked so appealing. ” - Kirkus Reviews

”A sweet story about outsider friendship that is just slightly scary in places... it's hard not to be charmed by van Genechten's smiley, rosy-cheeked ghosts, who could give Casper a run for his money in the cuteness department” – Publisher’s Weekly


Board book | 24 pages | 6.30 x 8.66 | ISBN: 9781605377155
ISBN Hardcover with soft touch 9781605372235

Author-illustrator: Guido Van Genechten

You can buy this amazing book online at: 


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