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💓 Happy Mother's day at Home 💓

Millions of kisses to all the MOMS!

We wanted to share a little extra LOVE with you this weekend. 

It’s times like this we are reminded Love is all you need. What better time to cozy up with those closest to you in our sweet heart collection.

~ Alexandra

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A few decades ago, a sweet young woman, named Anna Jarvis loved her mommy so much.
So, she wanted to show her love to the world!

She decided to campaign to create a very special day.
Not only for her lovely mommy but for all the mothers in the world! 

Yes, she did it!

Later, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Anna’s Mother Day as a national holiday!

That love between Anna and her mommy was eternally unbreakable!

Now, we all show how much our Mommies are amazing on this Special Day.

Happy Mother’s Day! 💕


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